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tudor46ford 06-05-2017 05:27 AM

Kicked out
Can somebody please tell me why I am continually being kick out and have to log back in. I am also experiencing a situation of not having my results counted. I complete a board an then get the message to "click here to start a new puzzle". Very frustrating.: mad::mad:

Since I posted this 1 hour ago it has happened 5 times.

cpaul 06-05-2017 11:14 AM

Kicked out
I've been having the same problem for about 4 days. Can play about 3 games, then get kicked out and have to log back in, and yes, sometimes when I start a game, I'm logged in, but by the time I finish, I'm no longer logged in and don't get the points.

Linda0515 06-05-2017 05:58 PM

Similar issue here
I log in, and as soon as I click on Play it automatically logs me out. This has been happening for several days.

stpauliegirl 06-06-2017 08:49 AM

I've been having this problem ever since they changed the way you log in! Is there a system administrator that can be contacted about this problem?

DogMa 06-22-2017 03:44 PM

Kicked out
This is still happening to me.

admin 06-26-2017 02:39 PM

Please let me know if this is still happening. I've made some changes that I hope will fix this problem. (You may have to log back in one more time.)

DogMa 07-05-2017 06:18 PM

Kicked out
Seems to be OK now. Thank you!

ScarletSpider19 09-15-2018 10:31 AM

kicked out

I have been experiencing this problem as well...
Can someone PLEASE FIX IT?!?!
Cause I have solved a lot of Unlimited Time word searches & I STILL HAVE NOT received any points for the word searches that I have completed & it's really annoying!!!

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